certificate HTV-Life Prüfzeichen ISO 9001 Cert

The test-house HTV offers the HTV-Life®-mark of Excellence for products without planned obsolescence!

HTV-Life®-mark of excellence manifests a product that does not contain measures for the intentional reduction of product lifetime (planned obsolescence) and thus is durable. It is affixed directly to the product.
HTV-Life® monitors the adherence to the award criteria.

Manufacturers, who deliberately do not install „planned life limiting predetermined breaking points“ into their goods, can clearly distinguish from competition HTV-Life®-mark of excellence!

Based on the mark the final customer can immediately see that he purchased a product without planned obsolescence.

Refraining from deliberate breaking points constitutes an added value to the final customer for which he is possibly willing to also invest more respectively to decide on the high-value product.

The new mark of excellence HTV-Life® creates an objective decision criterion through which the consumer has now, for the first time, the possibility to make his purchase decision based on facts:

Products with HTV-Life®-mark of excellence do not have „planned life limiting predetermined breaking points“!