Analyse Analyse Analyse


To meet the high requirements of HTV-Life® award criteria products are meticulously analyzed and examined with regard to possible predetermined breaking points. For this purpose a detailed analysis is performed related to manufacturing documents, lifetime predictions and used material qualities (in case of textiles e. g. fabrics susceptible to wear).
In addition, mechanical, electronic and, if required, also software technical aspects are considered within the scope of the strict award criteria. Central point is also a statement on oath by the manufacturer that the product does absolutely not contain predetermined breaking points.

In addition, reference samples are conserved according to a specific procedure (HTV-TAB®) in order to have, in case of doubt, reference parts readily available in mint condition in case of doubt.

HTV-Life® monitors the adherence to the award criteria.

Why is HTV able to do this? For more than 26 years and with over 220 employees HTV tests electronic components and complete products with painstaking care as independent company as well as one of the largest test houses in Europe. Recently, HTV was voted number 3 worldwide in the field of „programming“.
Decisive core competence for the HTV-Life®-mark of excellence is a comprehensive knowledge in the implementation of life tests, aging examinations, error cause analyses as well as electrical and mechanical tests.
For their professional implementation within the framework of HTV-Life®-examination extensive and ultramodern equipment is available at HTV analysis laboratories, combined with detailed knowledge of highly skilled engineers, technicians, chemists and physicists.