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Stand out from your competitors!

Manufacturers, who deliberately do not install „planned life limiting predetermined breaking points“ (planned obsolescence) into their goods, can clearly distinguish from competition with HTV-Life®-mark of excellence!

Based on the mark the final customer can immediately see that he purchased a product without planned obsolescence.

Refraining from deliberate breaking points constitutes an added value to the final customer for which he is possibly willing to also invest more.

Manufacturers and customers profit!
Manufacturers, consumers and the environment are the winners because, finally, there is a transparency for the purchase decision on the one hand and manufacturers of durable products without „planned breaking points“ can, on the other hand, stand out from „black sheep“.

Responsible manufacturers convince the customers to purchase new products due to constant improvements and innovations and not by intentional reduction of lifetime!

For acquisition of the mark of excellence the following documents are, among other things, to be made available on the part of the producer:

  • Manufacturing documents
  • Materials
  • Statement about planned lifetime
  • Statement on oath that „planned life limiting predetermined breaking points“ were not installed

Then, the products to be analysed undergo an extensive analysis in the ultra-modern HTV-laboratories.