HTV-Life®-mark of excellence

Unfortunately, it is increasingly the case that manufacturers produce their goods for a short intended lifetime. These are preferably supposed to fail shortly after guarantee period in order to sell a new product to the customer as quickly as possible. Thereby, a huge sales increase is possibly assumed.
This is made possible by the installation of „planned life limiting predetermined breaking points“ such as under-dimensioned capacitors or capacitors deliberately placed beside heat sources, weak resistors or non-exchangeable, in other words, permanently installed accumulators which for example are already defective after only 500 charging cycles (i. e. approximately after 2 years). Electronic counters are also applied, which in case of a certain number of working steps, for example, in case of printed pages of printers, then sets the device to error status or leads to a malfunction. In case of textiles short fibres are, for example, applied which abrade more quickly.
Based on this planned „suicide“ (planned obsolescence) of products citizens should be persuaded to constantly purchase something new even after a short period of time!

Our opinion:
Nowadays it is very easy to manufacture durable products! Customer himself must be able to decide when he wants to replace his device and may not be manipulated by the manufacturer. Due to irresponsible and greedy behaviour of some producers more and more electronic waste and hazardous waste accrues, while our valuable raw materials are plundered!
This is economically and ecologically fatal and a disaster for our environment.

Responsible manufacturers convince the customers to purchase new products due to constant improvements and innovations and not by intentional reduction of lifetime!

Products to be analysed are meticulously examined by HTV and tested with regard to possible „planned life limiting predetermined breaking points“.

Based on the HTV-Life®-mark of excellence the manufacturer commits to immediately provide information on any substantial change of the analysed product to HTV. The mark of excellence shall be valid only for the examined product respectively product family and may be renewed on a yearly basis. As a reference initial samples are stored as „golden device“ according to TAB®-method at HTV. Through this their aging is significantly reduced on the basis of a long-term conservation their aging is significantly reduced, and thus, new reference parts are available in the long term.

For acquisition of the mark of excellence the following documents are, among other things, to be made available on the part of the producer:

  • Manufacturing documents
  • Materials
  • Statement about planned lifetime
  • Statement on oath that „planned life limiting predetermined breaking points“ were not installed

HTV-Life® monitors the adherence to the award criteria.