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HTV-Life® - A decision support for customers

For many consumers it is becoming increasingly obvious: Products, also those of renowned producers, do not anymore adhere to what is expected from them and malfunction shortly after warranty period.

For the consumer the problem arises that there are absolutely no possibilities to recognize products without „planned breaking points“ during purchasing as apparent decision criteria, such as brand name or high price, in retrospect, also often prove to be unsuitable for a good purchase decision:

„Planned life limiting predetermined breaking points“ are also located in products of renowned manufacturers and highly-prices devices!

Planned obsolescences have fatal consequences for the environment:
The old device is scrapped and as „second-hand equipment“ exported to developing countries to often be „recycled“ by children under irresponsible consequences towards people and nature.

The new nark of excellence HTV-Life® creates an objective decision criterion through which the consumer has now, for the first time, the possibility to make his purchase decision based on facts:

Products with HTV-Life®-mark of excellence do not have „planned life limiting predetermined breaking points“!

HTV-Life® provides the possibility to notify product anomalies and planned obsolescences via an internet portal.